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Merrybeth Farm Fresh Products

Merrybeth Farm offers select products for your enjoyment. All are fresh, wholesome, and made or grown with loving care.

Our handmade Merrybeth goat milk soap and lotions get rave reviews.

Goat Milk Soap

You've seen the goats. Not only are they cute, but here at Merrybeth Farm that rich goat milk is turned into goat milk soap. It's made by hand, with a great deal of pride and love. It's luxurious. It's moisturizing. It doesn't contain harsh chemicals and additives. Goat milk soap is full of essential nutrients and vitamins that are easily absorbed by the skin.

Maybe our goat milk soap can't turn back the clock, but wait until you notice how smooth and healthy your skin can feel. Be sure to pick up a few bars for friends.

Goat Milk Lotion


At Merrybeth Farm we also turn that rich goat milk into goat milk lotion. It's a small batch wonder that is luxurious and moisturizing. Merrybeth Farm goat milk lotion contains no harsh chemicals or additives.


Many of our customers love the healthy smooth feel of their skin after using this delightful homemade lotion. Be sure to pick up a few bottles for friends.

Contact Merrybeth Farm: 217-369-4205  or

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